Thirteen original tunes – Booklet with liner notes – pdf

Thirteen original tunes – ABCs

View and copy individual tunes below.


The traditional tunes on this CD are available from many internet sites and are not shown here. Tunes are numbered according to track position on the album.

I wrote these tunes to be played. No royalty is required for recording or re-posting them, but please acknowledge the source.

 Katie Farrell’s1b Katie Farrell'sSmile and Wave 4a. Smile and WaveLucky’s 5a. Lucky'sThe Sands of Time 5d. The Sands of Time Lament for Malcolm6. Lament for Malcolm Caterpillar8b. Caterpillar Hotfoot Polka9. Hotfoot Polka The Foxes11a. The Foxes The Piper’s Cow12c. The Piper's CowCloverleaf 13a. Cloverleaf High and Dry13b. High and Dry Road to Ballyfarnon13c. The Road to Ballyfarnon Black Mountain15a Black MountainBack