I play in two bands, GoldRing and The Jig Is Up!.


Larry teams with well known harpist Therese Honey as GoldRing. The name is taken from the five-part traditional Irish jig “The Gold Ring” and from the symbol each has worn since their marriage in 1996.

Celtic harp and wooden flute complement each other well, and the duo makes the most of this musical affinity in playing the harp tunes, airs and dance tunes of traditional Irish music. GoldRing has performed at the Milwaukee Irish Festival, the Mississippi Celtic Festival and many private engagements.

Sound Samples for GoldRing
•  Hotfoot Polka
•  Smile And Wave / Cliffs Of Moher (wire-strung harp)
•  Greenwood Laddie (with vocalist Lara Bruckmann)
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The Jig Is Up!

The Jig Is Up!The Jig Is Up!, Houston’s newest traditional Irish band, combines flute, fiddle, accordion, guitar and vocals for a vibrant rendition of the energetic music and song of Ireland.

After years of playing sessions together, the band found that their mindset and intense love of traditional Irish music gives them a unified approach to the music. The band’s goal is to remain true to tradition, while presenting the music in a creative and entertaining manner.

Whether playing flute tunes from Roscommon and Sligo, fiddle tunes from Clare, or polkas and slides from Cork and Kerry, The Jig is Up! will set your feet to tapping.

For individual bios, performance schedule, photos, videos, or sound bites, visit The Jig Is Up!

For our two CDs to date, click here. Band bookings here.