Twenty eight original tunes – Booklet with liner notes – pdf

Twenty eight original tunes – ABCs

View and copy individual tunes below.


The traditional tunes on this CD are available from many internet sites, so are not shown here, except for Michael Coleman’s unusual hop jig version of Foxhunters. Tunes are numbered according to track position on the album.

I wrote these tunes to be played. No royalty is required for recording or re-posting them, but please acknowledge the source.

In Memory of Lloyd01 In Memory of Lloyd A Stroll in the Park02 A Stroll in the ParkDilligaf’s Fancy 03a Dilligaf's FancyBlack Mountain03b Black MountainStanley Steamer04a Stanley Steamer Fancy Footwork04b Fancy FootworkFalling Off A Log 05a Falling Off A LogThe Road to the Duck 05b The Road to The Duck Caterpillar06a CaterpillarRobin’s Nest 06b Robin's NestSmile and Wave 08a Smile and Wave Brings a Smile08b Brings a SmileUpside Down Hornpipe 09b Upside DownThe Sands of Time 10a Sands of TimeThe Gargoyle 10b The GargoyleCloverleaf 11a CloverleafLook Right 11b Look RightThe Rolling Jig 11c The Rolling JigJulie’s Waltz 12 Julie's WaltzKatie Farrell’s 14b Katie Farrell'sChloe’s Wild Ride15a Chloe's Wild RideKat’s Delight 17 Kat's DelightThe Bobbing Cork 18a The Bobbing CorkSilvermines 18c SilverminesFoxhunter’s Introduction19a Foxhunter's Intro The Foxes19b The FoxesThe Ten Keys 20a The Ten Keys Rambling in Riverstown

20b Rambling in RiverstownThe Grey Eagle

21a TheGreyEagleBack